Are you looking for your word for the New Year?

 I hear so many talking about their “word of the year.” Here’ something to think about – 

What if THE ENTIRE  WORD OF GOD was your word for the year?

As we begin 2020, I’d like to challenge you!  Yes, I know. Does the world really need another challenge? I believe it does. I know I do and maybe you do, too.  This year, let’s think about the whole “word of the year” idea a little differently.

What if instead of picking just ONE WORD and seeking out Scripture around that word, you decided to see what God would speak if you read the entire book? If we literally let THE WORD OF GOD be our word of the year, how would our faith GROW?

Sister, we need MORE OF GOD in our lives. We need to unplug and SEEK THE ONLY ONE who can sustain us and strengthen us in these trying times. We simply NEED TO HEAR HIS TRUTH DAILY.

So, here’s the challenge:

  • READ the Bible every day!
  • Listen to the FULL WORD OF GOD this year.
  • Follow along with me as I read through the entire Bible this year. (If you think it’s just too much – then consider reading the entire New Testament with me this year.)
  • Resist the enemy when he tries to distract you and discourage you.
  • Just read.  (It really is that simple.)
  • If you miss a day. Start again.  Don’t let one missed day turn into two or three or four.  Just begin again.

Each year I read through the entire Bible. I follow Tyndale Publishings One Year Bible format:

  • .A bit of the Old Testament
  • A piece of the New Testament
  • A portion of the Psalms
  • and a slice of Proverbs each day.

I simply love the variety of this format.  In as little as 15 to 20 minutes each day, I can make it through the FULL COUNSEL of God each year.

As year follows year, I become more and more familiar with the Scriptures.  Familiarity does not breed casualness. Instead is allows me to increase my awareness of who God is and what He can do.  The passages that once seemed odd to me now make perfect sense as I know the WHOLE STORY. (Question:  In any other book you read, do you skip around in the chapters – reading chapter 12, then 2, then 26?)

 I encourage you to join me this year as I read. I’ll be sending out monthly schedules and regular encouragment.  You can also join in the Facebook group to gain fellowship as you read. 

Many ladies have asked about my favorite Bibles.  Yes, I have a few!

I like to purchase a new Bible each year.  Of course, I have several that I’ve had for years and still refer to and read regularly.  But, each year I purchase a new Bible. I like to begin each year with a fresh set of pages. So, I can be ready to hear new thoughts, new ideas, new promptings as I read. This may seem extravagant to you. But, I don’t drink Starbucks daily and I am a very frugal shopper. So, with a new Bible each year, I know my kids (grandkids and great grandkids) won’t be fighting over my Bibles. (Because, there will be one for each of them.) I look at it as a legacy I can to my family.

So, here are a few of my favorite Bibles.

I love this version of the One Year Bible. While it takes you through the entire Bible in one year, practical notes are included that written especially for women. This is a great choice if you need a little extra encouragement as you read.

If you prefer a more traditional translation, this is a great choice for you. The Bible is sectioned into daily reading that will get you through the entire Bible in one year’s time. Enjoy a bit of Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs each day.

It’s the One Year Bible meets a coloring Bible! In my opinion – the best of both worlds! This is my #1 pick for the year and it is the Bible I am reading through this year. Same great format of daily reading giving you a bit of Psalms, Proverbs, Old Testament and New Testament each day.

If you prefer a traditionally formatted Bible – Genesis to Revelation – this is a great choice. Pages are beautiful and allow ample room for journaling on every page. And, there are many coloring pages scattered through out the Bible as well, highlighting many of your favorite verses. I love this Bible.

(These links are affiliate links and As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

No matter what you choose.  Just open a Bible and READ this year!  Don’t let the enemy distract you or discourage you. Let the Lord bless you daily as you meet with Him.  I’ll be reading everyday too!  I want to come alongside of you and help you!

  1. You can join me on instagram at @debbi.garcia for daily encouragement.
  2. Or, you can join our Facebook group here.  
  3. If you want to read on the go, you can find daily readings here.

Sweet sister, I am praying this will be the year that you read the WHOLE BOOK. Let the WORD of GOD and His unmistakeable TRUTH be your word this year..

No matter what day you find this post, just open and read!  Don’t let another day pass without the blessing of His Truth anchoring your soul.

I can’t wait to hear how He encourages you as you read.  Please be sure to post your favorite verse from TODAY’s reading (what ever day of the year that may be!)


Let the WORD OF GOD be your word for the year.