Summer Bible Challenge

What will you do today to you protect your marriage?

I would love you to join my 26 Day Bible Challenge.  I’m taking our Summer Bible Challenge over at 1 Step Closer Ministries and tweaking it a bit to help me grow as a wife. Together we can be encouraged by truth that comes straight from the Bible. I know that life is busy during the summer. But, I can not think of anything more important than strengthening my faith.

Last month, I gathered with other wives for Warrior Wife Boot Camp and we talked about the importance of focusing on TRUTH in our marriages. And so, that is exactly what I want to do. It is so easy to get side-tracked by our emotions or our circumstances.

Sometimes, I think it’s hard to walk out our faith in our own marriages. There is no other place that requires more humility than right here at home. But, since God authored marriage I would be a fool to not bring Him into mine every single day.

 So, here is the CHALLENGE:
  • Read the One Year Bible section for the day. You can print a schedule here. Or, you can read online here. 
  • Think about what you learn about God as you read.  Choose at least one word to describe the character of God that begins with the days letter (1=A – amazing, 2=B – beside me, etc)
  • Journal how this truth about God could influence your heart as a wife and improve the climate of your marriage. When we write it down it soaks into our hearts a little bit more.
  • Share your word in the comment thread of website or on my facebook page.
  • Share your thoughts on your own Facebook or instagram page. This is a simple way to share your faith and encourage others.
Challenge’s are so much more fun when we do them together.  So, ask a friend to join you.  Post a challenge to your own friends on Facebook.  Gather other wives and gain strength. (Where two or more are gathered in my Name I am there.)

Let’s GROW TOGETHER. Let’s GET STRONG as women of faith. Let’s PROTECT OUR MARRIAGES as we study TRUTH in the Bible.