Day 18 – My God Is… Bible Challenge

Today’s Reading from the One Year Bible: Ezra 1:1-2:70, 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5, Psalm 27:7-14, Proverbs 20:22-23 (Click here to read today’s passages online.)

*If you are joining us new today, please take a moment to watch this video. It will help you understand the heart behind our Summer Bible Challenge. We would love for you to join in with us as we fellowship over the Word.

My God Is… Redeemer.

My God Is… Restoration.

My God REBUILDS. He rebuilds marriages. He rebuilds families. He rebuilds broken hearts and shattered dreams. He rebuilds the lives of his faithful followers. And, He stirs the hearts of His loving servants to rebuild the people and places they touch.

Ezra 1:5 (NLT) 

Then God stirred the hearts of the priests and Levites and the leaders of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin to go to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple of the Lord.

God stirs the hearts of His people. This word stirs means to wake up. So often I think we stay where we are, we accept what is around us, we refuse to help because we are spiritually asleep. It is literally easier and safer to close our eyes and our hearts to the things around us that God wants to change.

When I entered the door of Calvary Chapel Guadalajara (Capilla Calvario Guadalajara) last Friday, my heart was stirred. God literally reached into the sleepy places of my soul and woke me up through the action and love and movement of the servants there. The people of this church move and live and serve with their whole hearts. They do not complain. They do not bristle about worrying about trivial things. They are wide awake for Jesus. Their hearts have been stirred to rebuild the community they live in one life at a time. They work from sun up to sun down with the love of the Lord written all over the things they do. They open their doors wide. They open their souls fully. They do not rest in their own thoughts, concerns, or problems. They are the hands and feet of Jesus. They do ministry like He did – they look for the helpless, the weak, the broken. They welcome them with  hearts that are stirred by Christ. They meet their needs right where they are. And, they love them in hopes of rebuilding them.

They “go” daily. They understand this word “go” – it means to climb. They accept that their work will be hard and sometimes heartbreaking. But, they allow their hearts to work at rebuilding His kingdom right where God has placed them. They look at the broken lives through the loving eyes of the Savior. And, they go. And, they build. They do their part to live and love with hearts wide awake to redemptive power of Christ and all that it can do. They understand that “Christ is the power of God” – 1 Corinthians 1:24. They humble themselves and allow that very power of Christ to work through them to touch lives, to strengthen hearts and to rebuild.

Jesus is redemption. Jesus is restoration. Jesus builds and rebuilds and rebuilds again.

What needs to be rebuilt in your life today? What relationship needs the presence of a heart that is wide awake to the love and forgiveness of Jesus? Who do you know that needs the power of God breathed into their tired soul? Will you be part of the rebuilding?

My heart was changed in Guadalajara. For that, I am grateful. I want to live with a heart that is stirred for Christ. I want to look around and see who or what needs to be rebuilt by His loving power. I believe in the power of Christ. I am who I am by the power of Christ. And so, that power needs to flow out of me and onto the people around me. I need to be part of the rebuilding, the strengthening, the restoring.

Rebuilding can happen within the walls of our homes. Husbands can be strengthened by the gracious power of Christ in us. Restoration can occur in the tattered friendships. Healing can flow out of the power of forgiveness offered. Redemption can come into the life of the most broken person. Change can happen when the power of encouragement reaches a tired heart.

I am humbled today when I consider my own life. What it could have been if the redemptive power of Christ had not reached it. I want my gratitude to motivate me to love like I have been loved. The touch of Christ is needed on every single life.

Let Christ wake up your heart. Look around you. You likely won’t have to look far. Let His Spirit prompt your heart (it probably already has). Let the gratitude of what He has done for you motivate you. Be part of His rebuilding movement. Work to restore. Love with the power of God. Forgive with the power of God. Speak life with the power of God. Let the power of God change you, soften you, strengthen you and shape you. Set your heart in His hands and watch Him breathe life into the broken, torn down, tattered people around you.

My prayer for us today –

Lord, fill us with Your love. Wake up our hearts where we have become tired. Move in us. Help us when we are tempted to hold back. Let us freely love with Your power and Your grace. Use us to rebuild the people around us. Stir our hearts. Help us be bold. Make us willing. AMEN.

© 2016 Debbi Garcia