The Ways of a Warrior Wife


The Ways of a Warrior Wife is a Bible Study just for Christian wives. The enemy wants your marriage. But God…

He restores. He strenghtens. He guides. He redeems.

In this eight week study, you will journey through the Old and New Testaments. As you seek and study truth, God can transform your heart as a wife.  This study gives thought provoking guidance that challenges wives to boldly place the strength and hope of Christ in the center of their marriages.


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The Ways of a Warrior Wife – a Bible Study for Christian Wives

The enemy wants your marriage!


Finally, a Bible study just for wives! Give your marriage the gift of targeted study.  Take time to study your Bible with your heart fixed on the topic of marriage.  God is able!  His truth can transform your marriage. Join me on an eight week exploration of Scripture. As we study, God will guide.  As we uncover truth, God will direct our hearts and strenthen our faith.


  1. Shannon Cooper

    There is no other study like this out there. I’ve benefited greatly from delving deeper into God’s heart for me as a wife through the study and Debbi’s teachings. It’s been invaluable to my marriage and overall health of our family.

  2. Sharon Jay

    My husband and I have been married for over 40 years….we like to refer to our 40 years of marriage like the children of Israel “wandering in the desert”! Right after our 40th anniversary I was introduced to “Warrior Wife” by Debbi Garcia.
    This is important to hear: what I understood from the beginning.
    God chose Debbi to write Warrior Wife because she wanted to OBEY GOD above ALL else.
    Debbi started us warriors off with a 30 day boot camp to help us establish a special prayer journey just for our husbands. When I finished my 30 days I just started over again because I quickly learned how POWERFUL prayer is and now praying for my husband is part of my daily life.
    Since then, Debbi has been gathering us Warrior Wives together once a month to instill in us how God really wants us to love and cherish our husbands. Living in today’s world has drawn us so far away from what God wants for us and Warrior Wife touches every part of our lives and teaches us Biblically how to obey God…His way, not the way “we think”! I will finish this book by the end of December 2019 just before our 41st anniversary. We could write a book on the profound changes that have taken place in our lives because of the obedience God has taught me through Warrior Wife. I do recommend this book not only to all wives but to young women before they marry. The end results will be a new rising up of women who will GLORIFY GOD with their lives. Thank You Jesus!

  3. Jessica Herrera

    This study teaches women how to see marriage as God sees it, through His perspective and not the worlds. The enemy comes for marriages daily and this book is a powerful resource. It’s a biblically sound read that I highly recommend. It’s practical and refreshing as you sit with God daily reading scriptures and remembering to fight the good fight for your marriage!

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