Day 11 – My God Is… Summer Bible Challenge

Today’s reading: 2 Chronicles 19:1-20:37, Romans 10:14-11:12, Psalm 21:1-13, Proverbs 20:4-6 (Click here to read today’s passages online.)

A simple blue wall is a symbol of hope. In a neighborhood where hunger, crime, poverty and great need fill the streets, this building provides hope. The people of the community – young and old – walk through that door and know they are in His Presence. His Presence is undeniable.

CCG - Hope

 Psalm 26:8 (NLT) says 

I love your sanctuary, Lord,
the place where your glorious presence dwells.


For three days, I walked along the cobblestone streets of this little town in Guadalajara. I saw children who were hungry and people who were lost in the world. But, each time as I approached the doors of this little church, I felt hope in His Presence. Faith is evident in that place. Hope dwells in the hearts of the servants there. Joy pours out of the service of their hands. Peace is written all over their faces. Kindness proceeds every task they do. Patience abounds. Gentleness is the at the core of it all. Goodness flows through all that they do. And, love is so thick in this place that you can’t help but be changed when you enter.

He is present within the walls of Capilla Calvary Guadalajara. His Presence fills the servants there. It is unmistakeable. His Presence gives them strength to do far more than their human hands could accomplish. His Presence changes hearts and lives and souls. His Presence is like a sweet balm of healing rubbed all over those who enter. In His Presence, they feel safe. In His Presence, there is hope. In His Presence, they find joy.

In this little town in Guadalajara, the blue building with the dove painted above the door is a place where the Presence of the Lord changes lives. His Spirit is welcome there. He is the way, the truth and the life. His Presence hovers over all who enter.

Do you allow the power of His Presence to change you? Do the people around you experience love and peace when they are near to you? Is His Presence in you undeniable?

Sweet woman, there is a joy and a hope and peace that moves in the Presence of the Lord. Invite Him in. Let His Presence fill your home and your heart and all you do. Watch His Presence heal the broken places of your life. Feel His Presence bring change to you and those around you. Let His Presence influence all that you do today.

© 2016 Debbi Garcia

My prayer for us today –

God Your Presence is meant to fill everything we do and everything we say and everything we think. Change us God. Be present with us. Let Your Presence in us bring peace. Let Your Presence in us give hope. Let Your Presence in us cover those around us with Your amazing love. Let Your Presence fill the atmosphere of our hearts. In Your Loving, Gracious and Powerful Name, AMEN!