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Reaching to help women understand that
they are saved, loved and
redeemed by christ.


love like a warrior

marriage is never easy,

it takes hard work and a determined heart.  Hear how to fight with the Lord on your side in order to strengthen and protect your marriage.  When we learn to stand strong in our faith and align our marriages with God’s standards, we will be changed.

the words of my moyth

do your words ever get you into trouble?

Me too!  Why is that God gives us so many words? Together we will look at what God has to say about the “words of our mouths”  – how we use them and how we can begin to reign them in. I’ll share plenty of practical tools as we talk through the idea of having a MOUTHFUL of words that can actually bless our families..

raising kingdom warriors

Being a mom is hard. Guess what?

So is being a kid!  In Raising Kingdom Warriors, I’ll share some fundamental  truths that will encourage you as you seek to help your kids be strong. In order to stand in this world, they will need to understand the importance of faith.

honor, order, peace 

at home with god

Is your house in order? When we learn to put God first, the rest will make sense. Honor God. Order your home. And, peace will prevail. This talk is packed full of practical tools to help you take your home from chaos to tranquility. When God leads, things change – everyone is influenced by the power of His Presence.

called to be a princess warrior

god looks on every woman as princess

In His great love, He has adopted us and redeemed us for a purpose. When we understand the power of His love, we can rise up into the calling He has for us

Planting seeds of truth

the truth will set our kids free! (just like it sets us free.)

The world our kids have to grow up in is a rough place. Faith is the thing that can sustain them in the midst of this crazy world. Filling their hearts and minds and souls with truth will strengthen them as they grow. I’ll walk you through some examples from my own life as a kid and as a parent to bring this concept to life..


you are never alone.

Christ is right there, waiting to engage. In Closer, I will take a familiar Bible passage and bring it into a fresh light. We’ll look at the circumstances, motives, and outcomes of men and women of the Bible. And then, we’ll be able to see what made their faith strong, different and life changing. You’ll never look at these familiar passages in the same way. And, your faith will be ignited so that you too can draw one step closer to Christ.

the garden of your soul

every woman’s faith will travel

Through a variety of seasons – Preparing the Soil, Planting, Pruning & Weeding, Harvest, and Rest.  I will share biblical truths that will strengthen and encourage  you in each of those times.  When we are ready and prepared for each season, our faith can grow at every stage. 

the truth about marriage

ture or false – you want a stronger marriage?

True! Right? So, where do we look? How do we know what is true and what’s a lie? In The Truth About Marriage, I will walk you through 5 solid ways to fill your heart and your marriage with God’s reliable truth.

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