Do you ever feel like love is lonely?

This may seem like an odd question; but, I’ve talked with many lonely wives over the years. Being married isn’t a guarantee that you’ll always feel connected. But, one thing stands true of every Christian wife – you are never alone.  Today’s Bible reading is such a great reminder of this important truth. As I read, verse and verse, I am encouraged.

July 14 – Day 2 of My God Is Bible Challenge

Today’s reading: 1 Chronicles 16:37-18:17, Romans 2:1-24, Psalm 10:16-18, Proverbs 19:8-9 . (Click here to read online.)

Romans 2:4 (NLT) – Don’t you see how wonderfully kind, tolerant, and patient God is with you? Does this mean nothing to you? Can’t you see that his kindness is intended to turn you from your sin?

As I read this verse, I can almost hear someone who loves me so much speaking these words to me. They remind me of the words, and thoughts, and prayers I have for those that I love who have gone astray. This verse literally pierces my heart today. It stuns me and wakes me up. It prompts me to go back and read the passage from 1 Chronicles again. As I do, this time I begin to journal the things I read notice about God in this passage. Things like:

The Lord of Heaven’s Armies… I have been with you wherever you have gone… I have destroyed all your enemies… I will provide… planting them in a secure place… the Lord will build… I will raise up… I will make … I will be… I will confirm… So the Lord made David victories wherever he went…

The Lord went before David. The Lord stood beside David. And, the Lord was behind David. David wasn’t born on the throne. He went through much to get there. And, the Lord was BY him through it all. And, He is BY me, too.

He is leader of the Heaven’s Armies (and I am on their side)… He has been with me in every moment… He will provide all that I need… He will plant me where He wants me to grow… He will build His ways into my life when I walk with Him… He will give me victories when I choose to trust Him and seek Him and obey Him.

What a sweet reminder all of this is to my heart today. I am never alone.  As long, as I am walking with the Lord,

  • He goes before me (when I don’t know what to say to my husband),
  • He stands beside me (when I welcome my husband home)
  • and He is behind me (when we are having a rough day).

Each moment of each day, God is BY me. As a wife, I need to remember this! God can fill every need I have. God is ever present and all that I need. God is for my marriage. He is for my husband. And, He is with us – helping us, guiding us, and shaping us.

When you feel alone, what is one thing you can do to remind yourself that GOD IS NEAR?

My prayer for us today:    Heavenly Father, Help us to remember every day that you are BY us. You stand before us. You stand beside us. And, You are behind us. Thank You, God, for Your patience when I am stubborn. Fill us with Your peace when we are weary. Remind us that You literally have Angel Armies fighting on our behalf. In Your POWERFUL Name, AMEN!

*If you are joining us new today, please take a moment to watch this video. It will help you understand the heart behind our Summer Bible Challenge. We would love for you to join in with us as we fellowship over the Word.

This song is one of my ALL TIME favorites. It has encouraged my heart so much.