the enemy


don’t let him
have it!

But, God has a different plan. god is for you (and for your husband). with god things can be different.

The enemy loves conflict, but God is The Prince of Peace.

The enemy thrives on division – but God can give us a united heart.

The enemy comes to lie, steal and destroy, but God comes in a Spirit of truth & life.


Learn to LET GOD LEAD in your marriage.

Learn to LET GOD SHAPE YOU as a wife.

Learn “The Ways of a Warrior Wife”.

Learn to live your faith inside your MARRIAGE 

It is time to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT. Step by faithful step, let’s link armor and bring our faith into every aspect of our marriages. Join me in learning The Ways of A Warrior Wife.



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do you want to strengthen your marriage?

Join Debbi as she walks through the Bible collecting God’s truth. Learn to build your ways as a wife on the firm foundation of God’s word. 

Don’t give up, give into God’s ways. 

You are NOT alone. 

Debbi understands the daily battle against marriage and she invites us to . . . 

  • ENLIST in the covenant marriage.

  • DEPLOY to freedom in Christ.

  • STORM the Throne, not the castle.

  • PREPARE for battle and

  • RECHARGE the troops.

  •  ALLOW God to be the commanding officer.  

This study takes a close look at biblical warriors and the attributes that allowed them to stand with The Lord.  It is an in depth study of both Old Testament and New Testament scripture.  Using an innovative format, Biblical truths are applied to all areas of marriage in a fresh and new way.  This study will equip women to better understand, and stay focused on God’s perspective, in order to have a marriage that can last and flourish.

The Ways of a Warrior Wife is an 8-week exploration on how to become a wife that relies on the truth of God’s Word and the strength of His promises!


Learn to LET GOD LEAD in your marriage.

Learn to LET GOD SHAPE YOU as a wife.

Learn “The Ways of a Warrior Wife”.


Debbi Garcia


Debbi Garcia is passionate about teaching wives and desires to see marriages protected, strengthened and restored. She loves God’s Word and enjoys taking familiar passages of Scripture and bringing them to life with real life issues and examples. Marriage, motherhood and ministry – those three things are her heartbeat. 

Debbi is married to her God-picked husband, Jarrett. They live in La Quinta, California, and have four wonderfully unique children – ranging in age from 3 to 20! Debbi is a homeschooling mom who loves to be at home with her family. She assists Jarrett with his home-based business and runs 1 Step Closer Ministries from the comfort of her home. Debbi is the founder of 1 Step Closer Ministries. Her aim is to motivate women to dig deep into the Word of God so that they can understand the true character of Christ. She loves to teach God’s Word in a thought provoking way that encourages you to draw near to Him. Visit Debbi’s Blog here.


 What others are saying about The Ways of a Warrior Wife

“Debbi Garcia has put together an incredibly helpful Bible study for spiritual growth as well as the core issues of marriage. I can’t think of any woman who would not greatly benefit from going through this excellent resource. The Ways of a Warrior Wife is Biblical, practical and inspiring. If you choose to go through this  workbook you will learn to hang on to hope, build a more solid faith, and build  a better marriage.” 
Jim Burns

PhD, President, HomeWord, Author of Creating an Intimate Marriage and Getting Ready for Marriage

“This study uses scripture to illuminate God’s plan for marriage.  Because of the way the study is presented, I never felt overwhelmed or ashamed of my behavior.  Instead, I was excited to make changes and align my path with the one God intended.  The study goes deep and requires you to come with an authentic and open heart but the results make the challenge worth it!”
Bethany K.

Rochester, MN

“Marriages are increasingly under attack, and we need to become wives who know who we are in Christ and use the weapons of our warfare.  Debbi Garcia is a seasoned Bible teacher who knows how the battle needs to be waged — through intimacy with Christ and knowledge of His Word.  This powerful Bible study has already transformed many relationships and shows women that they DO have the power through Christ to have the marriage they long for.”
Nancy Stafford

Actress (Co-star of TVs “Matlock”) , Speaker, andAuthor of The Wonder of His Love and Beauty by the Book: Seeing Yourself as God Sees You

“Debbi teaches from the truth of God’s Word as she guides women in becoming better wives.  As she employs amazing visual examples for each lesson and shares from her own experiences, the precepts take on new meaning.  I have been married for 43 years; I wish I could have learned from her insights in early marriage!  I am recommending Debbi’s study to all of my friends!”
Jan J.

Rancho Mirage, CA

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