The battle

Day 11 – My God Is… Summer Bible Challenge

Today’s reading: 2 Chronicles 19:1-20:37, Romans 10:14-11:12, Psalm 21:1-13, Proverbs 20:4-6 (Click here to read today’s passages online.)

As I read to I am struck my the settling, wonderful, mighty TRUTH that God is …

The King of Kings!

As we journey through the Old Testament we see kings come and go. This passing of power is inevitable. We see it today in our political elections. The kings and leaders of men will always come and go. But, the King of Kings reigns FOREVER! (I thankfully say AMEN to that.)

My favorite portion of today’s reading is 2 Chronicles 15-17.

I read this portion and my heart is encouraged.

  • Do NOT fear. (No matter what you face today – God is bigger.)
  • Do NOT be discouraged. (No matter how hopeless things seem – God is FOR YOU.)
  • Do NOT fight. (Drop your fists – let God work in your battle.)


  • Take your position. (Get on your knees and pray. Let God take the battle stance.)
  • Stand still. (Yes, that means you and me. Such a hard thing to do.)
  • Remember, HE IS WITH YOU. (You will never enter a battle alone.)


My God Is… KING of KINGS! Today, I am setting my heart, my mind and my soul to remember that. As a mom and a wife and friend, I am used to “doing.” But, more and more, I am learning that when it comes to my faith, I have to be willing to be still. Faith requires me to allow God to sit on the throne of my heart. Faith requires me to be quiet when I want to make someone understand. Faith requires me to pray more and sometimes do less.

I love the specific command to “take your position and then stand still.” This is so contrary to the way we tend to think. We think we need to get ready for battle. We think that means ready to argue, push, and fight to get our way. God says in this passage, “I got this.” Your job is to be still.

Do you find yourself in a battle today? I encourage you to go back and read these three verses. Let them soak deep into your heart and even further into your mind. Make a new battle plan – one where God is the King of Kings. And, you are following His orders. Need a reminder, take out a pen and write the truths of this short passage down, insert your name, put in your circumstances, make it real. Follow Him. Watch Him work. Because, the battle is not yours.

My prayer for us today –

Heavenly Father, Help us to be women who allow You to fight for us. Teach us to be still and watch You work. Suppress our desire to fight our own battles. Develop a strong faith in us that learns to follow Your lead. Lord, we know that You can do far more than we ever could. Please help our hearts to truly grasp this and live in the freedom of it. AMEN!

Remember, He is for you!

© 2016 Debbi Garcia