Reaching and reaching to help women understand that they are SAVED, LOVED and REDEEMED by Christ.



Someone asked me the other day, “Why do you do what you do?” What a great question. My answer – I write, and teach, and reach to women in order to help them TRULY UNDERSTAND that Christ is a REDEEMER. He is a Savior, yes! But that saving is just the first step in our faith journey. He saves us SO THAT He can REDEEM us and use our lives for His glory. He is the REDEEMER of marriages, the REDEEMER of broken lives, the REDEEMER of wasted time and wrong ambitions and thoughtless words. His design for all of us is to save, redeem and use us for His good so that others will be drawn to Him.  

I am a devoted wife to my husband, Jarrett. I’m blessed to be called “mom” by my four beautifully unique children – ages 6 to 22! I have all stages of motherhood present in my world.  From littles to adult – my kids keep my world exciting. I homeschool my kids, assist my husband in his home-based  business, and run 1StepCloser Ministries all from the comfort of my cozy home in La Quinta, CA. I enjoy camping, gardening, and digital scrapbooking. I have learned THROUGH my crazy, FULL life that I need Jesus IN ALL THINGS.

If I could tell you one thing today – it would be this: Trust Christ more than yourself, His plans for you are better and more than anything you could accomplish on your own.






(NLT) Just as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people, both now and forever.

Your Words

Your Words

No RESOLUTION could ever come close to the BLESSING of reading His Word every day. From the beginning to the end, His Word is FULL of all that I need in this life.

Let The Word of God be your word of the year

Let The Word of God be your word of the year

Are you looking for your word for the New Year?  I hear so many talking about their "word of the year." Here' something to think about -  What if THE ENTIRE  WORD OF GOD was your word for the year? As we begin 2020, I'd like to challenge you!  Yes, I know. Does the...

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